by Debbie D Werner on January 26, 2021


 Throw pillow covers are an easy way to freshen up and brighten up a tired living room.  No matter how perfect the room was when new, constant viewing, use and wear can make your furniture arrangements appear dated.  Instead of springing for a whole new living room set, why not try a few throw pillow covers?

 Throw pillow covers come in many different fabrics, textures and colors, allowing you to play off one color against another, or try subtle variations on a color theme.  By changing texture for the throw pillow covers from satin to shag or from wool to wispy, you can add points of interest throughout the room.

 Patterns of light and shadow can also change with new throw pillow covers.  If your room is done in dark tones, try a bright spot of light for the throw pillow covers.

 A grouping of pillows on the floor in front of a formal sofa can change the whole character of the room.  Imagine the comfort which casual guests will find when they don’t have to worry about getting a spot of dirt on your Louis XIV chair. With vibrant colors on a pile of throw pillows, they just invite the guests to lounge rather than perch nervously.  Best of all, if the throw pillow covers get soiled from use; just remove them and replace them with something new. 

 If you choose washable fabrics for your throw pillow covers, you can easily launder the covers and return them to the pillows.

 Today’s modern fabrics make decorating so much easier.  The wide selection of finishes, textures, and woven designs available to the home decorator adds to the fun of changing the look of your living room.  Combine with the variety of fabrics the increasing variety of shapes and sizes for throw pillows and you truly have a wealth of choices. If you can’t find a shape or size you like, you can easily create your own shape or size for throw pillows and throw pillow covers by designing the shape you want and sewing it yourself. 

 To create a gift that’s truly unique, choose fabric from a garment that’s outgrown or has special meaning for the wearer and make a throw pillow cover as a gift.  For those who like to sew, a quilted throw pillow cover makes a wonderful gift for a housewarming party, a new bride or a young person with their first apartment.